Introducing Birdwoods Parnell

Introducing Birdwoods Parnell

To our many loyal supporters, we would like to welcome you to Birdwoods Parnell.

At Birdwoods we really love what we do.

Over the past 18 years, we have gathered a wonderful clan of customers from across New Zealand and the wider world and connected them with unique and distinctive artists and artisans. We have always looked forwards – inspired by change and opportunity.

Birdwoods Parnell is our latest adventure.

Birdwoods first opened in Havelock North in 2004 and over the intervening years we are very proud to have supported many talented and inspiring artists, makers, crafters and creators. Two years ago Bruce and Louise's eldest son, Jack, launched Birdwoods in Arrowtown which has truly flourished.

Birdwoods is home to stone sculptures, basket ware, rugs, artworks, textiles, metalwork, jewellery, and eclectic treasures, many sourced from Zimbabwe, our former home. Our predominantly African focus means we can continue to support the artists and their families who all face enormous economic challenges.

With the encouragement of our existing Auckland-based customers as well as our sculptors in Zimbabwe, in early 2021 we decided to add a third Birdwoods location.

We found a wonderful space in Parnell - a gracious Auckland suburb and already home to several established galleries as well as retailers, restaurants and cafés of distinction. It felt right at the time but what a rollercoaster it has been since - we could not have possibly imagined how tough it would be!

The pandemic lockdowns meant only being able to trade for two of the first six months which, when combined with spiralling shipping costs and delays and the understandable ongoing caution amongst Aucklanders, has resulted in many fraught discussions re finances and sleepless nights!

But adversity is something we have dealt with before and we believe it will come right given time, so this is where we would love your continued support.

The Parnell space looks gorgeous - full of our finest stone sculpture along with the best of Birdwoods’ artisanal ranges, It is being ably managed by an Auckland local, Justina Cammish, who comes with her own style and design skills.

Jack will now have the time to carve his own pieces in Arrowtown, while spending time between both locations. Our long-term vision is to fill Birdwoods Parnell with Jack’s work and that he will become a sought-after New Zealand sculptor in his own right.

We are optimistic that 2022 will be the year that Birdwoods Parnell finds its wings and flourishes.

Please do come and visit Birdwoods Gallery Parnell - 177 Parnell Road, opposite Heard Park – there’s plenty of parking.

From the Birdwoods team, we thank you and look forward to welcoming you to one (or all!) of our galleries soon.

Louise, Bruce, Jack, and Justina

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