Many of our pieces are ‘one off’s and most are handmade. Whilst we are constantly on the hunt for these individual offerings, Birdwoods also stocks some ongoing favourites, including Potters Workshop - beautiful South African ceramics, Israeli Jewellery, New Zealand National Candles, Ghanaian Baba Tree Basketry, greeting cards, gorgeous hand bags and hats for women and men’s 'man bags' - a favourite with the men along with many other items that we select because we love them!

Due to the international shipping issues, we are now stocking a greater range of fanciful objects and eccentric quirk which we are loving sourcing and selling on behalf.  It is a real treasure trove of weird and wonderful, things you don't need but desire as it makes your world a better place to be in.

The Gallery is the perfect place for a long, leisurely browse—there is always something new to see and hopefully to tempt you.

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