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Bedu Mask

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The Bedu masquerading tradition is limited to the region of Bondoukou in northern Ivory Coast.
Bedu masks are believed to absorb misfortune and negativity. Mask performances encouraged good social values, harmony, health, fertility good crops.
Bedu masks are also used during purification ceremonies to invigorate the community and renew its sense of well-being. 

African art like the Bedu mask had a great impact on the so-called “modern” artists of Europe, and are very harmonious with ultra modern décor.

Hung on a wall or displayed on stand, they are a unique decorative feature in any home.

This mask comes with a removable stand. 

Material: Wood

Dimensions : 115cm high x 53cm wide

This product is located in Arrowtown and can be shipped nationally and internationally. Additional shipping charges may apply for rural or international shipments.