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Birdwoods Arrowtown

Medium Round Board

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African hard wood and plated silver Medium Round Board. 

Diameter 21 cm

Traditional English Silverware manufactured in Zimbabwe sits just as comfortably in a country house setting as it does for sundowners sparkling on the terrace under Africa’s setting sun. This range keeps the best of the old and brings in some refreshingly contemporary designs.

The Royal African Collection began with the ‘Big Five’ - the unpredictable buffalo, the primitive rhinoceros, the intelligent elephant, the noble lion, and the elusive leopard. The animals are exquisitely carved full body miniature art pieces decorating homes.  Some of the popular products in the range are the combinations of teak with silver animals on boards or animal decorated bowls.

All silver-plated ware has a minimum thickness of 26 microns of 99.9% pure silver and all products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 20 years. Copperwares are certified by the Standards Association of Zimbabwe.