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Birdwoods Havelock North

Snow Queen

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Material: Dolomite
Sculptor: Lovemore Bonjisi
Dimensions: 110cm high, 130cm wide, 60cm deep


This is another very striking sculpture carved by Lovemore Bonjisi, a larger than life character and known for his love of the female form akin to his name.  Dolomite is a very hard stone to carve requiring a high skill level which Lovemore has mastered well.  This sculpture would suit outdoors unless you have the right indoor place for it.  This is a large piece and weighs around 200kgs, but its sheer size makes it a focal point and the white dolomite stone makes it stand out in a garden.  Definitely a show stopper and of a scale we have not seen Lovemore do before.  (it is carved from one large piece of rock, with the darker aspects having been exposed to the soil and elements.)