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Birdwoods Havelock North

Zebra Skin

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This good quality sustainably farmed full A Grade Zebra skin has been sourced from a reputable South African dealer and is from the North West province.  Paperwork for them is available with the purchase.

Don't get upset by this one..... it had a very good life and one really bad day.  It comes from a place that we totally trust and know it was farmed ethically and the honour of the beast remains in this beautiful hide to live on and respect.

We have access to a number of good quality skins, so please do ask if you are interested in one of them.  They are quite beautiful if you love skins.  

Prices vary due to quality grade and size. We will be pleased to try and source a skin to suite your requirements and budget.

Burchell's Zebra are part of sustainable management of wild life eco-systems in Southern Africa.  These zebra are prolific and are NOT an endangered species.

This quality zebra hide has been brought legally into New Zealand, and have been cleared by NZ Customs and MPI.  They have been tanned to meet international export requirements.  The Burchell's Zebra hid comes from Zimbabwe's low-veldt, where they have been culled at different times of the year to  maintain an eco-system where the population of animals does not grow out of control and damage the environment for other animals.  

Zebra skins make a statement piece and can be passed on from generation to generation to be used as a floor rug in an entrance hall, under a coffee table or over the back of a sofa.  

This product is located in Havelock North and can be shipped nationally and internationally. Additional shipping charges may apply for rural or international shipments.