"A balanced diet is an ice cream in each hand!"
We are delighted to have re-opened our Real Fruit Ice Cream Shop which has 'gone roadside' along with the Birdwoods Early Bird Coffee. 
Come and enjoy a refreshing Black Doris Plum, or the best of Hawke's Bay's mixed berry ice-creams.  We also make a fine Affogato (Italian vanilla ice-cream with a shot of hot coffee poured over- seriously refreshing and delicious!).  If you don't do dairy, then we have berry sorbet on offer.
Our Early Bird Coffee is now open from 7.30 - 10am every day - cycle, walk, drive or run down Middle Road for a fabulous Hawthorne Coffee fix.  (Don't forget your keep-cup, to save the planet and 50 cents). Fresh scones and muffins are usually out the ovens at this time.

If you are lucky you might catch up with Tom Ormond, Hawthorne Coffee owner & neighbour along with Flash the Dog!