Lion and Leopard in Tree

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Lion and Leopard in Tree

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Lion and Leopard in Tree

By Graham Springer

“Graham Springer is a voice for the wild. Through the lens of his camera and without a single caption, he has stirred in me a deep sense of relationship with his subjects. Every image, every animal speaks for itself. They do not need a caption. They reach out to you. The photographs, in warm monochrome, evoke a sense of timelessness and more … a sense of melancholy. How much longer will these animals continue to exist as they were born to? What will it take to finally realize that the wild animals of the world are as much a part of the human psyche as they are a part of the landscapes in which they belong?" - Dr. Ian McCallum

These canvases are available stretched on a natural timber frame.

180cm by 130cm, Potrait