Merino Ram #1 P.O.A.

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Merino Ram #1 P.O.A.
Merino Ram #1 P.O.A.
Merino Ram #1 P.O.A.

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Material: Springstone
Sculptor: Tendai Gwaravadze
Dimensions: 105cm high, 55cm wide, 170cm long. Base 130cm x 50cm.

These are NOT made of concrete as many think - they are hand hewed and carved from very large pieces of springstone and way over a tonne - no joke.

These beautiful Merino sheep will graze very nicely in a grassy space. Use one as a focal point, or create a flock with other styles available.

The lying down sheep has been sold and is currently gracing a large paddock in a South Island station.  The other two rams appear to be firmly staying in the Birdwoods garden, the children absolutely love them and there will be thousands of photos to remind families of their visit to Birdwoods with their children (and adults)  astride our sheep.  

If you would like to order one similar in a smaller size, please do ask us as we can arrange Tendai to commission one for you.  He would be delighted and loves the challenge.