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Birdwoods Arrowtown

Nubian Basket

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Weavers create these baskets by wrapping palm leaf fibers around a coil of papyrus, then stitching the coils together.

Coil weaving is the most difficult type of basket weaving. Controlling the thickness and evenness of the coils takes years of practice.

As a bowl get larger, it takes exponentially more time to expand in diameter. The coils on each row become much longer as the bowl flares upwards and outwards. Adding an inch in diameter at the top of a basket could actually take as long or longer than the first several inches as the base of the basket. Time taken to weave a larger art basket is often measured in months or even years.

Beautiful hung on a wall, displayed on a table or used as a fruit basket, these statement baskets are a true statement of the skills from Ugandan weavers.

Baskets are 9cm high and 40cm diameter.

This product is located in Arrowtown and can be shipped nationally and internationally.