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Telephone Wire Baskets

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Telephone wire baskets & bowls from South Africa are also commonly referred to as Zulu wire baskets as they are predominantly handmade by the rural Zulu weavers. This wire weaving art originated with the African night shift security workers who used age-old grass basket weaving techniques to decorate their security sticks (knobkerries) from discarded telephone wire, this progressed into the beautiful woven baskets and bowls of today.

Our Telephone wire baskets come in myriad different colours and designs and we stock a wide range of options, we will send you an option of colours upon purchasing.

XL Plate (30-35cm Diameter) - $139

Large Plate (25 - 30cm Diameter)- $109

Medium Bowl (15 - 20cm Diameter)- $79

Small Bowl 10 - 15cm Diameter) - $49

This product can be shipped nationally and internationally. Additional shipping charges may apply for rural or international shipments.