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Birdwoods Arrowtown

The Male Torso

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Artist - Ishmael Chitiyo

Material - Springstone

Dimensions - 43h x 37w x 15d

With its natural colour, tactile surface and flowing lines, beautiful stone sculpture from Birdwoods will add a graceful focal point to your home and garden

Prized by sculptors, Springstone is an extremely hard Serpentine with high iron content and a fine texture with no cleavages, and offering a good resistance to the sculptor. Springstone has a rich outer ‘blanket’ of reddish brown oxidised rock. They emerge from the quarry like sculptures created by nature millions of years ago and are often a source of inspiration to the artist. There are a few areas where this stone is found, but Guruve in the north is generally where Springstone in mined. A beautifully dark stone, it polishes to a high shine because of its density.

*IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION* Please note, shipping and insurance costs on this product are additional due to its nature, size and weight. We will be in touch with details regarding this upon purchase/ enquiry.