Birdwoods Takes the Challenge

Birdwoods Takes the Challenge

Birdwoods is very fortunate to have had a really good summer hosting huge numbers of travelling New Zealanders.

Our wonderful team responded to the viral Jerusalema Dance Challenge, although a bit later than many, we loved doing it and it shows off Birdwoods beautifully. Ricky Watson, (Wanna Bee Pictures) part of our summer crew put his university skills to practice and has done a great job. So if you have a few minutes enjoy and share this video and let us know what you think? We are rather proud of it!

Check out our efforts here

What is the Jerusalema Challenge?
Simply put, the Jerusalema challenge is a dance. Those taking up the challenge perform a dance reel to the song Jerusalema, a gospel-influenced house song by South African producer Master KG and performed by singer-songwriter Nomcebo. They then upload a video of their dance to social media and tag their friends, family or co-workers to challenge them to do the dance next.

What language is the Jerusalema song in?
While the song is in the Zulu language, it has become popular across the globe-- music is the universal language, after all. It has reached the number one spot in the charts in multiple European countries including Belgium, Netherlands and Switzerland, and sat comfortably in the top 10 of countless other countries.

Who started the Jerusalema Challenge?
The dance trend began in February of last year, when Fenómenos do Semba, a group in Angola, south-west Africa, recorded themselves dancing to the song while eating and without dropping their plates. The impressive dance started going viral almost immediately, before exploding into the mainstream of the western world in early 2021 - but most people still copy the moves seen in Fenómenos do Semba's original video.

What other countries have done the Jerusalema Challenge?
At this stage, a better question might be which countries have not done the Jerusalema Challenge. Famous Jerusalema efforts have come from all over the world, starting on the continent of Africa and spreading to Vietnam, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, Morocco - even Israel's Jerusalem itself. And now, of course, Birdwoods in New Zealand!

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