Introductory newsletter from Birdwoods Gallery in Arrowtown,

Birdwoods Gallery

Read our first Arrowtown newsletter from Jack Stobart.

A warm welcome and introductory newsletter from Birdwoods Gallery in Arrowtown, I established just over a year ago with the guidance of my parents, Bruce, and Louise, who own the well-known Birdwoods in Hawke’s Bay.
For those that don’t know my story thus far – having moved to New Zealand from Zimbabwe in my teenage years. After finishing high school in Hawkes Bay, I moved down to Queenstown and studied Adventure Tourism at the Queenstown Resort College before spending six years overseas working in the world of luxury yachts, often yearning for a life of my own in New Zealand. In 2019, I joined my parents in Africa on one of their buying trips, being fascinated and inspired by the artists in my homeland, I decided to stay on, fully immersing myself into a stone sculpture apprenticeship, under the tutelage of a group of experienced stone sculpture artists. Out of this experience was born my own version of Birdwoods, located in the quaint Central Otago village, Arrowtown.

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