Breaking news - it involves coffee!

Birdwoods Gallery

After almost 15 years of exclusively serving Hawthorne’s freshly roasted, award winning, Kidnapper’s French Press plunger coffee, espresso coffee has come to Birdwoods. "At last!", we hear you cry.
Our lovely little Espresso and Real Fruit Ice Cream building is now happily settled in its new home beside the garden terrace. Staffed by a team of enthusiastic youngsters, we are collaborating with Hawthorne to make sure we turn out the best long blacks, macchiatos and flat whites in New Zealand. Kate Coles from Hawthorne has been on site at Birdwoods to refine our team's barista skills.
So please do cycle, walk, drive or scoot down to Birdwoods for a take-away coffee or fruit ice-cream and wander around the gardens to choose from the exciting new range of Zimbabwe stone sculptures now on display.
And for our faithful French Press fanatics - don't panic - we will continue to serve up excellent plunger coffee, beautifully presented on a tray with all the trimmings as we always have.

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