Taking Time Out in the Tropics

Birdwoods Gallery

After 15 happy but incredibly all-consuming years with Birdwoods, the big news for Bruce and me is that we are going to be taking a Grown Up Gap Year in 2019. We have made the rather breath-taking decision to spend next year in Vanuatu on Aore Island renovating a house and living on 'island time'. Aore is an absolutely beautiful place (as pictured) - we both fell in love with Vanuatu on our first family holiday there in 2013 and have since had a hankering to experience it as residents rather than short term tourists.

Over the next few months we will gradually pack up a container with island life's necessities - so far I have added some 'drifty' curtains and caftans and not much else. Fortunately Bruce is more focused on practical matters and is accumulating all sorts of tools and equipment, as well as a shed which he is currently building ready to assemble on Aore. Bruce and I will be leaving at the end of February to start our Vanuatu adventure, but we willl be back to Birdwoods every couple of months to keep a loose hand on the tiller.

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